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Window Repair Systems is a major supplier for most window manufacturers and manufacturers of windows. Since 1989, schools and universities have relied on WRS® for their window hardware needs. Our research department helps provide added assistance to facilities managers in their search for any common or obscure window parts. We act as their personal window parts and supplier arm of their facility. With over 30,000 stocked items, it is easy for maintenance departments to rely on the deliverability of their hardware needs.

In addition to supply, we custom manufacture many items in house that cant be found from the original manufacturer. Manufacturing capabilities include, plastic injection molding, CNC, aluminum extrusions, custom window screens and many more engineering offerings.

For convenience, the website windowhardwaredirect gives customers easy access to online ordering.

Typical ship time for in stock items is 24hrs. Questions about ordering, there is also a wide range of options to communicate with us including; phone, chat, email, video and text.

For more information on what items we carry, you can check out our PDF catalog here.