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Our team of commercial glass repair specialists is committed to ensuring your business or facility runs smoothly. You want to partner with an experienced company that has the safety and security of your building in mind. 

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Whether you need commercial window repair services for a school, restaurant, or another type of business, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle every aspect of your repair project, from glass replacement to hardware upgrading. Save time and money when you work with us. 

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Comprehensive Commercial Window and Glass Repair Services 

Our team of commercial window and glass specialists works effectively and quickly. We know how important your business and facility are to you. We have the expertise and skills needed to handle complex and challenging jobs. 

Our commercial glass technicians know the latest building regulations and requirements for everything glass-related in our area. We’ll provide you with comprehensive design, fabrication, installation, and repair services. 

Glass Repair 

Cracked or broken glass can bring your business to a crashing halt. We’ve got you covered if your glass needs repairs due to a break-in, storm damage, or normal wear and tear. 

Glass Replacement 

Our company carries a wide range of glass types to fit your building’s current aesthetics. We can provide you with a quote to replace one or multiple windows. 

Insulated Glass 

An insulated glass window includes two or more glass pieces with a pocket of air in between them. This type of glass enables the window to be energy efficient. That’s because you don’t lose as much heat through the window. 

Laminated Safety Glass 

Laminated safety glass is made with two layers of glass with interlayers of polymeric material (PVB) between the glass layers. For example, a car windshield is made with laminated safety glass. 

Laminated safety glass is an excellent option for commercial buildings as it adds increased security and safety. Laminated glass doesn’t shatter on impact since it’s held together with the interlayer of plastic material. 

Annealed Glass

Common flat glass is called annealed glass. When broken, it breaks into jagged and large shards. Annealed glass is often used in windows that don’t need safety glazing. 

Tempered Safety Glass

In situations where annealed glass could be dangerous, tempered safety glass is used instead. This type of glass is around four times more durable than annealed glass. It breaks into tiny rock-sized pieces when broken. 

Low-E Coated Glass

Sometimes a coating is applied to window glass to improve its energy efficiency. A Low-E coated window absorbs or reflects heat energy instead of letting it penetrate through the window. We can position the coating in the right spot on the window for optimal energy loss reduction. 

Double and Single Hung Windows

Commercial grade windows can sometimes be challenging to operate because of their weight and size. However, while most commercial-grade windows are built to last, the hardware and balances installed aren’t. 

If your building has hung windows that come crashing down or are hard to operate, our window specialists can help. We can retrofit most commercial hung windows. We’ll ensure your existing windows operate better without breaking your budget. 

Specialty Screens

Don’t keep your windows closed because you don’t want insects or bugs to fly in. Make the most of ventilation and fresh air with specialty screen installation. 

Our window specialists can install aluminum framed screens that have various mesh options. The screen mesh varies in durability and strength. We can also customize the mesh screens to fit commercial windows of any size. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be damaged very quickly if they’re not working correctly. Restore your windows by replacing the weather stripping, hinge assemblies, and more. 

Gym Windows

Many modern gyms have various vent and window systems to provide ventilation to the space. We can repair your current windows, so your facility continues to operate efficiently. 

Board Up Services

We understand that disasters can strike at any moment. Our goal is to keep your facility secure, even if we cannot repair or replace your glass immediately. 

We’ll head to your location and provide exceptional board-up service for broke doors and windows. Your site will be secure until your new glass is ready. Achieve peace of mind at an affordable rate. 

How Our Process Works

Step One: Get in Touch 

Give our office today to get in touch with one of our commercial glass repair experts. 

Step Two: Receive a Quote

We’ll head to your location to review what needs repairing or replacing. 

Step Three: We Get to Work

Your glass will get repaired at a date and time that’s most convenient for you. Our goal is to disrupt the flow of your business as little as possible. 

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“Most Amazing customer service!!! Gabriella was thorough & has fantastic follow up. Assisted me to make sure I was ordering the right product. shipped it out immediately after I placed my order! This is how every company should function. I’ve been in the construction industry for 20+ years & have rarely had such an easy and helpful experience purchasing materials.
Don’t think twice or waste your time looking elsewhere. Just buy from them, you won’t regret it!!”


“I work for SUNY ESF in Syracuse NY. Moses and John came out and repaired 50+ commercial sized windows for us with new balances, shoes, stops and pivot rods. They were very professional and the job went like clock work! The job was estimated at 3 days and they had very timely completion! We will certainly use Window repair systems again in the future.”


“Your installers are extremely professional – your lead guy, Mitch, is excellent with
my super, the owner, and the CM. Super easy project so far! The District is very


“Your team couldn’t get any more praise and the response is still being relayed to
me about how fast and nice all the guys were. This was a big issue for almost 20
years so the fact we got it done in 2 days and before school was massive. So they
pretty much were heroes in their eyes.”


“I want you to know how happy I and the rest of my faculty are. The windows are
working perfectly. Brendan and his crew were hard working and professional. They
had the job done in two nights. I am very pleased. Thanks again for a great job!”

How Much Does Commercial Window and Glass Repair Services Cost?

The final cost of your project depends upon various factors. Some factors include how many windows need repairing and the type of materials required. Our commercial window specialists will provide you with a detailed quote. 

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We’re proud to provide local businesses with exceptional commercial glass and window repair services. Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals that are experienced in the field. We’re committed to providing our customers with personalized service that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Our staff understands that your business is your livelihood. That’s why we work quickly and efficiently to ensure you can continue operating your company smoothly. 

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