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Pro Strategies for Repairing Commercial Window Screens: Read Now!

Commercial window screens serve a crucial function in maintaining airflow and keeping pests out of business premises. However, wear and tear over time can lead to damage, necessitating repairs to ensure a pleasant indoor environment. In this article, we delve into professional techniques for repairing commercial window screens, as shared by industry experts.

Assessing Damage:

Before diving into repairs, it’s essential to assess the extent of the damage to the commercial window screen. Experts recommend various approaches, such as gently pushing the screen to pop it out for easier access or, if necessary, carefully cutting the mesh to reach the damaged area. This initial step sets the foundation for a successful repair process.

Handling Different Materials:

Commercial window screens come in various materials, each requiring unique handling during repairs. Our experts stress the importance of understanding the nuances between materials, particularly fiberglass and aluminum screens. Fiberglass screens are generally easier to work with compared to aluminum ones, which demand extra caution due to their sturdier composition. Safety precautions, including avoiding sharp edges to prevent injuries, are paramount during the repair process.

Spline Replacement:

A crucial component of commercial window screen repairs is the spline, which secures the screen within the frame. While it may be tempting to reuse the existing spline, experts advise against it, as it often becomes stretched out over time. Instead, opting for the spline provided in repair kits ensures a snug fit and minimizes the risk of the screen loosening or coming off prematurely.

Maintaining commercial window screens is essential for creating a comfortable and pest-free indoor environment for businesses. By following professional advice, such as conducting thorough damage assessments, handling different materials with care, and replacing the spline as needed, business owners can prolong the lifespan of their window screens. Prompt repairs not only enhance the appearance of commercial properties but also contribute to the overall functionality and efficiency of the workspace. For more information about commercial screen repair or to schedule a consultation, Contact Window Repair Systems! Our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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