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Window Weatherstripping Replacement in Commercial Windows – What to Know

Windows play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within commercial buildings. Over time, wear and tear can compromise the performance of windows, leading to increased energy costs and reduced comfort for occupants. One effective solution to address these issues is commercial window repair, with a focus on window weatherstripping replacement.

Window weatherstripping serves as a barrier against drafts, moisture, and noise, contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency of a building. When weatherstripping deteriorates, it can result in air leaks, heat loss, and increased energy consumption. In commercial spaces, where large windows are common, maintaining an optimal indoor environment is essential for both cost savings and occupant well-being.


Feel for drafts around the windows, especially on windy days. Drafts are a clear indicator of gaps in the weatherstripping.

Increased Energy Bills:

A sudden spike in energy bills could be attributed to the inefficient sealing of windows, leading to excessive heating or cooling requirements.

Visible Wear and Tear:

Inspect the condition of the weatherstripping. Cracks, peeling, or visible wear indicate the need for replacement.


Before initiating the replacement process, conduct a thorough assessment of the windows. Identify areas with deteriorating weatherstripping and measure the length that needs replacement.

Selecting the Right Weatherstripping Material:

Choose a suitable weatherstripping material based on the specific needs of the commercial building. Common materials include silicone, foam, rubber, and vinyl, each offering unique advantages in terms of durability and insulation.

Removal of Old Weatherstripping:

Carefully remove the existing weatherstripping, ensuring that all residues are cleaned from the window frame. This step may require the use of a putty knife or a similar tool.

Installation of New Weatherstripping:

Cut the new weatherstripping material to the appropriate length and install it securely along the window frame. Ensure a snug fit to prevent any gaps that may compromise the sealing effectiveness.


After installation, conduct a thorough test to check for drafts and air leaks. This may involve using a smoke pencil or feeling for drafts with your hand.

Energy Efficiency:

Improved weatherstripping seals gaps, reducing energy waste and lowering heating and cooling costs.

Enhanced Comfort:

Properly sealed windows contribute to a more comfortable indoor environment by preventing drafts and maintaining consistent temperatures.

Noise Reduction:

Upgrading weatherstripping helps minimize outdoor noise infiltration, creating a quieter and more productive workspace.

Extended Window Lifespan:

Regular maintenance, including weatherstripping replacement, can extend the lifespan of windows, reducing the need for premature replacements.

Commercial window repair, specifically focusing on window weatherstripping replacement, is a cost-effective and impactful way to enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of commercial buildings. By addressing issues related to drafts and air leaks, businesses can create a more sustainable and pleasant environment for occupants while realizing long-term cost savings. 

Regular inspections and timely replacements ensure that windows continue to perform optimally, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of commercial spaces. For more information about commercial window weatherstripping replacement or to schedule a consultation, Contact Window Repair Systems! Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you.

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