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When Should You Replace Your Commercial Windows? Research Now!

commercial replacement windows

If someone were to peer through your business’s windows, they’d see you selling products, slashing costs, and satisfying customers daily. But when was the last time you took a good look at those windows?

Research shows that windows typically last between 15 years and 20 years. So, if your commercial windows are older than this, you’re likely due for commercial window repair services.

However, old age isn’t the only sign that you need to replace your commercial windows. Here’s a rundown of several other signs that you need window repair services.

Let’s jump in! 

Your Windows Are Damaged

One of the biggest signs that you need commercial window repair services is that your windows have been damaged.

For instance, perhaps your windows are beginning to warp or are starting to reveal breaks, holes, chips, and cracks. Repairing these windows is important, especially if they have cracks because when windows are cracked, their structural integrity is compromised.

This is a major safety problem for both your employees and your customers. It may also open your business up to unwanted liability, too.

Cracked windows can also be unsightly, painting a negative image of your business.

When windows are cracked, they can also let moisture and air in, which can cost you more in the long run (more on this later). In addition, your window cracks can start to spiderweb and become bigger issues that are more expensive to fix.

The sooner you can take care of these cracks, the more likely you are to prevent bigger problems from surfacing. 

Condensation Is an Issue

It’s also time to repair your windows if condensation on your windows is becoming an issue for your business building.

When the outside surfaces of commercial building windows feature condensation, this is typically not an issue. However, if the insides of your windows feature a lot of condensation, the windows require attention. The same is true if condensation is starting to build up between your glass panes.

Visible moisture in this situation is a sign that the air-tight seals between your window panes have failed. These seals are supposed to keep in krypton or argon gas, which are designed to improve insulation. However, when they are breached, moisture will enter the areas between your panes.

This means that the seals’ insulating properties are not as good as they once were. That could translate to higher utility bills (more on this next).

Condensation issues might also cause customers to believe that your business is not well maintained. As a result, they may be less inclined to do business with you.

Your Utility Costs Are on the Rise

When you’re operating a business, minimizing your costs matters. For this reason, having energy-efficient windows is extremely important. If you are starting to notice higher utility bills, this is an indicator that your windows are no longer energy efficient and therefore need repair.

Older windows are particularly notorious for allowing cool air in during the cold months and warm air in when it’s hot outside. This will force your building’s cooling and heating system to work that much harder to accomplish your desired temperature. The result is a higher bill.

Closing or Opening the Windows Is Hard

Yet another sign that you need commercial window repair services is that you have a hard time opening or closing your business’s windows.

The mechanisms utilized to close and open windows are usually metal. If you can’t close or open your windows very easily, these components might be worn out or rusted. In this case, you may need to replace these metal parts.

These parts may include the casement if you have a crank-out window, for example. They might also include hinges.

In addition, your windows may be difficult to operate because they have warped. Unfortunately, warping can cause cracks and gaps. Your business might be losing invaluable heat or cool air through the holes.

Sometimes difficult window operation is simply the result of incorrect installation, which can cause balance issues. Fortunately, a commercial window repair company can address this problem as well. When your windows are working properly, they will close and open with ease.

Your Windows Are Leaking

window repair company might also need to come to your rescue if you notice that your windows are leaking.

For instance, air may be escaping your building through your window. You can tell that this is happening if your utility bills are climbing, as we mentioned earlier. Another sign of this problem is a climate-control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that is working overtime.

If you feel a draft near a window even when the window is closed, this also points to the need for window repair services.

Yet another sign of a leaky window is that you hear more outside noise than usual when you’re near the window. For instance, you may notice sidewalk chatter or music from passing vehicles.

Weather stripping may be needed to cut down this outside noise. The more you can minimize this noise; the calmer and more welcoming your business environment will be for your workers and customers.

Water may also be getting into your building due to leaking windows — another indicator that your windows need repair. For example, you might notice droplets entering your business through your windows.

Water in this situation can become a major nemesis for your business, as it may cause mold problems. This may lead to health issues for your workers or customers.

Water can also cause weaknesses, like cracks, in your windows and even your walls. For this reason, if your windows are leaking water, you should contact a window repair company right away.

Your Windows Have Become Foggy

You’re also due for a commercial window repair if you notice your windows getting foggy frequently.

When a commercial window is working correctly, it will keep outside drafts outside. However, when a window isn’t operating well, it will allow outside air to come inside your building, as we mentioned earlier. The gaps in the window will cause it to fog up.

Repairing your windows with the help of a professional can lead to savings on your business’s utility bills in the long run. So, the work will end up paying for itself long term.

People Are Not Comfortable in Your Building

Another sign that your commercial windows need repair is that your workers or customers are complaining about being uncomfortable — too hot or too cold — in your business establishment. In addition, you might find yourself having to make trips to your thermostat frequently.

That’s because all of the cool air or warm air that is meant to keep your building comfortable may be slipping through your window cracks. Sometimes a simple window repair is all it takes to get your business feeling comfortable again. 

Bugs Are Getting into Your Building

If you see an increasing number of bugs entering your building, this is another sign that your windows could use some attention.

Bugs naturally get into buildings because they are looking for shelter, and buildings are cozy and nice. However, a rise in the number of bugs might point to a problem with your commercial facility’s windows, especially the screens.

If your windows are wooden, they might shrink. Meanwhile, if they are aluminum or vinyl, they might warp. Both shrinking and warping can impact how your business window screens operate, but a window repair professional can make your windows function properly again so that bugs stay out for good.

Your Windows’ Visibility Is Waning

Finally, you might be due for a window repair if your business’s windows don’t provide as much visibility as they used to.

commercial window repair
Commercial Glass

As glass ages and is impacted by the elements, seeing through it may become harder as the glass might become stained and cloudy.

You’ll need the help of a professional window repair company to remedy this issue and make your windows clear and bright again.

How We Can Help with Our Commercial Window Repair Services

Commercial window repair services are in order if your windows are old, as old age makes them more susceptible to damage and breaking. Your commercial windows may also need attention if they are beginning to leak and become foggy.

Fortunately, at Window Repair Systems, we have earned a reputation as a leading window repair company. We can easily repair your window within your purchasing restraints. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule a repair today!

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