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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Glass Repair

commercial glass repair

Do you own a building in need of commercial glass repair?

Having broken glass in your building is a liability waiting to happen. Broken glass can cause a host of problems, from poor building insulation to injuries.

Did you know that 80% of laceration injuries are due to broken glass?

With the proper glass repair or replacement services, you can fix this in no time.

When your commercial building’s glass gets damaged, you need to do something about it fast. Having broken glass on your building is not a good look for your building and services. Continue reading and learn all about commercial glass repair services.

Common Causes of Commercial Glass Damage

Commercial glass is industry grade and is stronger than everyday glass we have. However, these are not invulnerable and also break or crack. Here are some reasons why:

Environmental Causes for Glass Breakage

These factors include your environment, which is out of your control. For instance, commercial glass from high-rise buildings is more prone to break. This is because the sun, wind, and even rain are more extreme the higher the height of a building.

These severe temperatures or climatic conditions break the glass. Having scorching heat during the summer season can also weaken your glass. That is why high-rise buildings using commercial glass require more maintenance and upkeep.

These extreme conditions contribute to the wear and tear of commercial glass. If not maintained well, these can cause breakage and damage to your commercial glass.

There are more impactful events that have a direct impact on the glass and break them. Some natural calamities like typhoons and tornadoes can also cause significant damage.

Debris brought by tornadoes can also hit your glass at high speeds, making them break. These also include natural calamities such as storms or hail storms. While these calamities are out of our control, it is our job to fix the damages they cause.

Improper Washing

Another reason for commercial glass breaking is the poor quality of glass washing. Having dirt in your commercial glass causes it to weigh heavier, adding to the pressure.

These points of pressure are vulnerable to breaking and cracking. Some debris on the glass can cause scratches, which also creates weak spots.

Accidental Commercial Glass Breakage

Of course, there are accidents and even mishaps during upkeep. If you own a school or commercial building, you might have a ball, or two hit your glass.

Poor Commercial Glass Quality

Of course, having poor-quality glass, to begin with, will cause it to break easier. Having a U-factor not enough for extreme climate conditions also weakens your glass. Investing in top-quality glass with the right U-factor will save you headaches in the future.

Commercial Glass Repair vs. Glass Replacement

If you have broken glass in your commercial building, you must be wondering what exactly you should do to fix it. There are many kinds of glass fixing services out there. What services you need depends on the kind of damage on your commercial glass and the results you want.

Make sure to note the type of glass your window’s made of, the kind of damage, and what materials you might need. Assess the damage to your commercial glass and have a site visit before you ask for any services. Commercial glass services can recommend whether you should repair or replace the glass.

Reasons to Repair Commercial Glass

If your commercial glass has only suffered minor damage, you could get away with repairs. These include minor dents and damages to your glass or a stubborn window that refuses to open or close. Cracked caulking also means it’s time to repair your glass.

It’s crucial to fix commercial glass for minor damages before it becomes a bigger problem. This is because major damages call for a replacement that’s more costly than repairs. The cost of your window repair will depend on the damage and materials needed for your glass repair.

Reasons to Replace Commercial Glass

Sometimes, repairs are not enough, and you have to let go and replace your commercial glass. Here are a few reasons you should opt to replace your commercial glass instead of repairing it:

High Cost of Repair or Maintenance Service

Repairing your commercial glass isn’t always cheaper than replacing it. If you always find yourself always repairing your commercial glass, it might be time to replace it. A replacement could be more cost-efficient.

Investing in a new commercial glass will lessen its maintenance and repair costs. This is because new commercial glass has no wear and tear. New commercial glass may also come with better upgrades that make it last longer.

Visible Damage to Your Commercial Glass

Accidents and natural disasters or calamities cause visible damage to your commercial glass. Having scratched glass or holes in your commercial glass can cause it to break. Noticeable shrinkage to gaskets or seals also warrants a commercial glass replacement.

Broken Glass Seals

The most common reason to replace glass is if you notice foggy glass and water leakage. Water leakages cause property water damage, which can add to your list of expenses.

Irreversible damage to glass also includes broken seals. This is because the damage to the glass seal causes cracks during high temperatures. Condensation from broken seals causes your glass to fog, which weakens the seal.

If you don’t address glass fog, it can cause your glass to contract and expand.

This makes your seal dry, which causes it to lose its integrity. Since a broken seal can’t get separated from commercial glass, it means you have to replace both.

Not Enough Thermal Integrity

Commercial glass integrity is often measured by its U-factor. The U-factor lets you know the rate of how your glass interacts with the flow that is non-solar. A better U-factor means your window can insulate better against extreme climate conditions.

Having leakages, gaps, and even drafts in your commercial glass lessens thermal integrity. A significant reduction of this can cause problems in your building. These include problems with insulation and thermal regulation.

Upgrading Commercial Glass

Keeping up with the latest advances in building regulations is important. This helps ensure the comfort and even safety of the people in your building.

If you want better support and structure for your building, it might be time for an upgrade. New and modern commercial glass has made significant improvements over the years.

Replace your commercial glass with more high-quality and up-to-date materials. You may also opt to change your commercial glass to match the new renovations of your building. You may also mention reasons for breakage so experts can recommend a better fit.

Commercial Glass Replacement Options

If you are looking for an upgrade, you must consider what kind of look and materials you want. A big factor of commercial glass durability depends on its materials. Another important thing you should consider is the glass frame’s material.

There are many materials used to make glass frames. These include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. The most common among these choices is aluminum.

Aluminum is a common choice because it has a high ratio of strength to weight. This means they can survive long exposures to extreme climatic conditions. These conditions include long heat exposure.

One of the oldest materials used to frame windows is wood. A wood frame’s durability lasts about 20 years.

But with proper maintenance, they can last up to three decades. Vinyl window frames are the latest window frame trends that can mimic the look of wood.

Vinyl frames are also durable and can last for over 20 years. One of the biggest reasons to get vinyl frames is the wide range of customization it offers. Vinyl material also resists scratches and even dents.

The strongest choice has to be fiberglass. Most modern structures use fiberglass frames, as they can survive extreme conditions. Its ability to provide insulation while maintaining integrity can last for years.

Repair Commercial Glass With Window Repair Systems

Many glass repair services do not invest in high-quality commercial glass. The cost of hiring services alone for installation and maintenance piles up.

Commercial glass replacement or repair is vital in ensuring building safety. That’s why you should always get professionals to install and maintain your commercial glass. To ensure a building is safe for you and all its occupants, hire Window Repair Systems.

Window Repair Systems has a certification from the American Window Repair Standard. This makes them industry experts when it comes to all things commercial glass. They go above and beyond to ensure you have the best window repairs and hardware.

Get Commercial Glass Repair Today

It’s normal for commercial glass to encounter the occasional dent or scratch, but you shouldn’t always brush these issues off. As a building owner, safety should be your number one concern. So if you see signs of damage, it’s best to address them right away.

Want to repair your glass using commercial glass repair services but don’t know where to get it? That’s where we come in. Contact us at Window Repair Systems and get trusted commercial glass repair services.

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