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Why Retrofit Your Double or Single Hung Windows, Now!

Here at Window Repair Systems, we are experts at retrofitting windows, specifically double and single-hung windows. We are confident that our retrofitting services can save your school, university, or business thousands of dollars over buying and installing new windows. But what exactly is a window retrofit and how can it save you money? In this article, we will discuss how the Window Repair Systems Solution™ can save you thousands on your next window repair project. 

Why Windows Fail

To begin let’s discuss why windows fail and the most common problems that occur. The vast majority of windows that fail simply have bad balances. Balances use spring tension to support the weight of the sash by assisting with lifting and keeping the sash up. Generally, standard hardware will only support about 30% of the sash weight. The balance is the most common part that fails simply because it does all the work! Friction forces and environmental factors cause the springs to lose their effectiveness over time and will eventually cause the sash to start drifting downwards, or worse, collapse altogether and come crashing down potentially causing serious injuries such as broken hands and missing fingers (yes, really!). We call these types of windows Guillotine Windows™.
In addition to balances, other support hardware can fail as well including, pivot lock shoes, pivot bars, balance brackets, and locks and keepers, but this is less common.

Window Repair Systems Solution™

Now that you know the most common reason windows fail, let’s take a look at how the Window Repair Systems Solution™ can benefit you.

Window Repair Systems Crew

The very first thing we do is go in and take a look at your windows to see if retrofitting is even going to benefit you. We go into your school or business at a time that is convenient for you and your staff and examine your windows to look for damaged hardware in each room. Once we have determined that you are a good candidate for a window retrofit, we go in and take detailed measurements for each window and its location in your school or business. We then identify the parts you need we create a detailed parts list and custom manufacture Turbo2™ High Output balances as replacements. 

The Turbo2™ balance will significantly increase the efficiency of your windows and reduce the effort it takes to raise the sash. These balances are an AAMA Class 5 verified component and support 70% of the sash weight. That’s almost double your standard Class 2 balance! In addition to providing increased efficiency, these balances will last longer due to our use of proprietary stainless steel components. When we install these balances, we install all of the appropriate upgraded support hardware as well. 

This process can save you up to 90% over purchasing and installing new windows and almost double your window’s efficiency! The Window Repair Systems Solution™ just makes sense. Don’t have double or single-hung windows? That’s ok! We service casement windows, clerestory windows, projection/awning style window, and more. Simply give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 or contact us to schedule a field visit or get a custom parts quote today!  Order window parts here.  

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