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Don’t get Duped: Cheap Window Repair vs. A More Professional Repair – NJ Public School

The Cheapest price is Often Times the Most EXPENSIVE.  Cheap Window Repair:

In 2017 we were contacted by a public school from NJ. We had done commercial window repair work in this district before and they wanted an updated quote. They went through the usual process of finding funding and talking with other contractors. Finally in 2018 we were notified that they went with someone else. Who actually was significantly cheaper. I say significantly, because it was something like 50% or some insane number like this.

We warned the facilities director about companies and labor like this with a handful of issues they may come up against:

1. Cheap hardware being installed.

2. Missed hardware that should have been installed but contractor skimped on to cut costs.

3. Contractor not paying prevailing wages set by the state.

4. Contractor unable to satisfy the warranty.

These are significant issues often times overlooked because of cost. In this scenario, we fast forward to 2019. Window Repair Systems gets a call from the same facilities director and tells us he needs help. He cant get ahold of the contractor, because they didn’t install window stops and the RFQ called for these items.

Besides being in the quote request, this is a massive safety hazard. Not installing sash stops will almost guarantee the balances will blow out by over extension and potentially cause a safety hazard.


Not only is the company, not answering the phone, they are nowhere to be found to handle the warranty. The school is now forced to purchase services to fix this problem, wasting more budget and time. Window Repair Systems fixed the schools sash stop issue and the windows are safe again.

This is a perfect example of going for the cheapest option, which ultimately was the most expensive. Time and time again we warn school directors to watch out for sketchy window contractors. ‘Cheap is EXPENSIVE!’ We can help, and we are usually the most economical option.

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