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Learn Now, A No-Hassle guide to Block and Tackle …by a Guy in a Flannel

Flannel guy fixing commercial windows

If those metal channel things in your windows are broken, they need to be replaced. In schools, commercial windows can have block and tackle balances in them when the original windows were installed. These can be replaced, and you don’t need to be a magician to do so. Check this video, if you’re a facilities director, send this to the maintenance crew and they can learn to do it themselves. So get to it, and before you know it they’ll be poppin’ takeout clips like Jay-Z poppin’ bottles.

Commercial window repair is a specialization, and part of that is knowing how to replace window operators in schools and universities and residential applications.

Check out Rochester Window Repair and Buffalo Window Repair for specific info. Call us direct for appointments and assistance, we’re here to help!

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