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Things to Keep in Mind While Conducting a School Inspection

Some school administrations and facility management staff do not have proper policies for school inspections. They rely on the complaints from students, teachers, and janitors. In order to r

un a school efficiently, school inspections are necessary. The school director should take proper measures to ensure regular inspections at the school. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while conducting school inspections

Entrance and Exits

The entrance and exit should be well inspected regularly. The entrance is the area that gives out the first impression for your school. Therefore, the doors, sidewalks, foyers, and parking lots should be maintained in order to reduce the chances of any falls or slips. The lighting in the entrance should be good enough. The door mats, benches, and floor surface should be cleaned. On rainy days, the signs of wet floor should be posted so that there are no trips and falls. Water should be mopped regularly from the floor.


There are usually a number of problems in the commercial kitchen area. There could be food borne illnesses, burns, cuts, fires, water damage, and many more problems. All of these could be reduced with an inspection of the kitchen area. There should be at least one person from the kitchen staff who is held responsible for the proper care of the kitchen.

Seating and Windows

The classrooms should have a comfortable seating arrangement. The windows should be in good condition. Broken windows should be immediately repaired. Anytime hardware is needed for the windows, replacements should be found. Window Repair Systems offers commercial window repair services in the Rochester city school district. They are known to provide the all sorts of modern window services such as the Buffalo window repair and Syracuse window repair. You can get Rochester window repair service from professionals offering the best prices. It is essential that you get the broken windows fixed for school safety.

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