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5 Steps: Air Infiltration in Commercial Windows

Super exciting right? Let’s talk about commercial windows and window repair.

Its winter in Upstate NY where it can be zero degrees one day and 45 the next (shorts weather). That bitter chill zips through the cracks of your windows, running that HVAC all day long. If it’s a school, your room is probably stuck on hot and you cant adjust the temp.

CFM is a big deal, and more so lately with environmental concerns and building efficiency. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This rates how much air is flowing through and around your window. Having a low CFM is obviously the goal, that just means your envelope, or the tightness around that window lets minimal or no air through. So when you’re cooling or heating that room, it isn’t lost in or out. A lot of new windows have a CFM rating, so keep a look out for that when purchasing new windows.

On the other hand, instead of installing new windows, repair is an amazing option…when done correctly…with the right contractor. Don’t get me started on these wannabe cheap knock off commercial window repair guys. I guess I will because it actually hurts your bottom line using the cheapest contractor who cuts corners.

When you do a proper metal window repair in a school, you can align and seal that window even better than the initial installation. Here are the steps for CFM specific repairs for windows:

1: Aligning the sash to be plum and square with the jamb.

2: Installing proper guides to ensure consistent and even lift through out the full travel.

3: Installing correct window balances that will balance the overall weight

4: Installing the correct sash stop, this limits the sash from smashing the balance at the top.

5: Keeping with with maintenance, as unusual friction can start to wear the moving parts and throw alignment off.

The Turbo2? balance system uses proprietary guide systems along with custom reinforced window balances(third party tested). In a field air infiltration test done in Pittsford NY, the Turbo2? systems decreased CFM from 10cfm to 2.5cfm. THIS IS HUGE! Thats 75% decrease in air leakage. Can you imagine the HVAC savings with that?

In conclusion, do it right, make sure your contractor isn’t a schmuck. And get it done!!

For all commercial window repair needs, Window Repair Systems has been and innovator and expert for over 30 years. Check out Rochester Window Repair, and Buffalo Window Repair for more localized contacts. If you are a contractor, we supply balances and hardware for you as well. Call 800/842-0974 or visit for easy online access to your parts. This is all we do, its what we do. Would you buy sushi from a Mexican restaurant? Yea right ha.

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