The Burglar Barrier Window Part From Window Repair Systems

The safety of your home and family is your primary concern in life. In an effort to ensure safety, there’s no better choice than ordering the window repair part known as the Burglar Barrier.

Preventing burglary with the burglar barrier bandit bar and/or armor bar is made simple with easy installation—they install very quickly, and without any tools by bonding to window glass. The entire process of installing the Burglar Barrier takes mere minutes, and you can order this home window part online from Window Repair Systems.

The Burlar Barrier is made of unbreakable G.E. Lexan, so they are very tough. Additionally, they are clear—so they are virtually unnoticeable to those who have intentions to break into your home. During spring and summer, many of us like to keep our windows open at night—with a window armor bar in place, we can feel safe from home invasion while also having the freedom to open and close our windows anytime we choose to.

The armor bar comes with a steel safety key lock and the bars range in length. So easy to operate and easy to remove.

If you would like to buy a window armor bar or have any questions, give Window Repair Systems a call and we will be more than happy to assist you with any and all of your window hardware needs. What’s more, this DIY window repair option means you won’t have to hire a professional for installation. Armor bars and Burglar Barriers install quickly and easily, and offer the kind of peace of mind you’ve been looking for in home window parts online.