Double Hung Window Replacement Parts

One of the great aspects about owning our own homes is the way we can customize the decor to create a certain ambience. Choosing the right double hung sash windows and double hung window replacement parts can help in part to brighten up any room. If you are not yet familiar with this design then you should take a moment to check out the following information.

Virtually all double hung windows would open vertically; they generally incorporate a sash which slides both up and down. This means that both halves of the window can be opened as they work independently. You can keep the top section open and close the bottom half and vice versa. This allows you to have a better control over the amount of air entering the building.

There are a number of advantages on offer by choosing to install double-hung windows in the home. Apart from the improved control of ventilation you will find that these designs are much easier to clean then other window types. Another important consideration is if you have children or pets. You can ensure that no accidents occur by keeping the lower half closed and opening the top portion for ventilation whenever it is necessary.

If you already have installed double-hung windows in your home then you will be aware of how efficient they are at controlling air flow, but it can happen that a fault develops and a replacement part needs to be bought.

Unlike many old designs that incorporated a weight and pulley system, modern double-hung sash windows typically use spring balances. These are easy to get hold of and replace as and when is necessary. You would not need to hire professional tradesmen to do the work. If your windows still use weights and ropes then a repair will take slightly longer but still should not be so difficult to undertake.