Different Types Of Window Balances: Spiral, Coil Balances, And More

There are several different types of window balances including spiral, block and tackle, coil, channel as well as friction balance, and more. Often, choosing the right type can be a puzzling experience. By looking at each one in detail, it becomes easier to pick the right option. A spiral balance that is also called a tube balance is a kind of sash support balance whose mechanisms help to ensure that the window can be kept open.

Spiral balances tend to give the sash a smoother and more even operation force and it can be used with both tilt and non tilt double as well as single hung windows. Before shopping for these types of window balances, be sure to check that you know the balance characteristics. Also, it pays to know its lift as well as super lift specifications.

It is quite easy to purchase a good spiral window balance from a local glass shop where you can get just the right balance for your needs.

A coil balance that is also called a spring or even a constant force balance is really another kind of sash support balance which has a unique mechanism to keep the windows open. A good constant force window balance system can help provide smooth and efficient service and is certainly well worth checking out.

Understanding the intricacies involved in picking from different types of window balances can help in many ways. To order the right item, you need to do several things including identifying a color of the bearing and you must also measure the window.

It is also important that you order your window balances with great care as these are often custom made and so will not be returnable. You should also allow for a week to go by before expecting your order to be delivered.